It's time again! I will fly to Cuba in December 2015 to meet my new godchild. I will also visit the childern daycare centre of Sister Remedios and the children's hospital „Hospital Materno Infantil Dr Ángel Arturo Aballí“ to hand over your donations.

If you would like to support my project you can send me an email to info@viva-parraga.org .
We can then discuss how you can help best.

Gracias, amigos!



Viva Párraga

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Paco's private fundraising for children in Cuba

Hello, my dear friends!

Through my private project “Viva Párraga” I support my two godsons in Cuba as well as a day-care center and a children’s hospital in Havana.

I have collected toys, children’s clothing, medication and much more in Germany and brought everything to Havana numerous times since 2003.

Find out more about my project on the following pages!

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The Project

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Why this project?

Cuba – endless Caribbean beaches, the captivating charm of the historic center of Havana, wild nights intoxicated by salsa, rum and a vibrating love of life, no end of sun, palm trees and good vibes, history lived and breathed every day, countless vintage cars on the roads, enchantingly beautiful people, settings that look like something straight out of a movie... That’s the beautiful side of the island. But Cuba also has another side that does not exactly make life easy for many Cubans. They have to face up to the deprivation of their system with a great deal of improvisation, endurance and skill in order to make ends meet every day. Through my project “Viva Párraga!” I support the children from the district of Párraga, where life is much less romantic and beautiful than in the areas of Havana where tourists stay.

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Ever since my first visit to Cuba, I have been fascinated by the people, their enthusiasm and emotionality, the history of the country, the beauty of the cities and landscape, and the ever-present music. “Cuba no es fácil”, Cuba is not easy, and, as a traveler, you are always faced with surprises and challenges. Hardly anything ever goes to plan. But that is what makes the country so fascinating for me. I have regularly visited Cuba since 2003, learned salsa there and in Hamburg, have read countless books about Cuba, compiled a huge music collection, and have met many great Cubans. Over the past ten years, it is the music and dancing that has most fascinated me. My project “Viva Párraga!” is my humble attempt to give back to Cuba some of the joy and love of life that the country and its people have given to me.


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What exactly does Viva Párraga do?

Over the years, I have met many people who support the people of Cuba in various ways. Thanks to their motivation and assistance, I now sponsor two children in Cuba, and support a children’s day-care center and a children’s hospital in Havana. In 2010, I used a break from work to intensively assist “Viva Párraga!”, find cooperation partners and ensure well-functioning logistics on site. Two social workers and a nun now take care of distributing my donations in Havana. I have asked my friends for private donations many times prior to flying to Cuba. Each time this enabled me to collect over 1,000 euros in cash, 30 to 50 kilos of medication, and countless boxes of toys, personal hygiene products and children’s clothing to take to Cuba.

Thanks to the kind assistance of Air France, I was able to take almost all of the donations with me each time. The airline allows me to take 100 kg of luggage with me for free on each trip. As this is a 100% private donation campaign by myself, all of the donations go quickly and directly to the children in Havana.


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Who does Viva Párraga support?

The children's day-care center "Madre Dolores Medina" is managed by Sister Remedios Galeote and forms part of a program to re-socialize single mothers.

The means to establish the day-care center were provided by the German initiative Kuba-Hilfe e. V. in 2002. Since then, it has been offering a home to up to 25 children from particularly needy families throughout the day. The children I sponsor have also been looked after excellently there all day. The project psychologist Aileem Lorenzo del Rio assists the families in raising and caring for the children. I help the day-care center with toys, clothing, personal hygiene products, technical equipment and with financial donations for daily lunches.

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The children’s hospital "Hospital Materno Infantil Dr Ángel Arturo Aballí" is named after the prominent Cuban pediatrician Dr. Aballí and was built under his leadership in 1935.

Today, it is one of the largest children’s hospitals in Cuba and provides free care to children under the age of 18 and their mothers.

Thanks to the support of some doctors I know, I was able to assist the hospital with valuable medication that is very difficult to come by in Cuba.

How can I help?

Anyone who would like to help can contact me at any time at info@viva-parraga.org. There are many ways to support “Viva Párraga!”, from small donations in kind and high-quality medicine through to active assistance on site. It should be noted, however, that I intentionally do not have a registered society and am therefore not able to issue contribution receipts.

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